2015 HAC Board of Directors




David Roemer, President

David Roemer is an amateur astronomer with over 40 years of experience and is currently President of the Huachuca Astronomy Club.  Prior to retiring and moving to Sierra Vista four years ago, he was a Regional Planner in California and lecturer of geographic information science and quantitative analysis at San Jose State, University.  He was a member of the San Jose Astronomical Association and a founding member of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association, the first and only successful teaming of amateur astronomers and California State Park officials to build and maintain a permanent astronomical observatory on state park grounds.  His dream of owning his own observatory under dark skies was achieved a couple of years ago with the completion of a deck-mounted dome holding his 14” Celestron telescope just outside his back door. 




Chris Ubing, Vice President

Chris Ubing became interested in Astronomy in 1975 shortly after the passage of Pioneer 10 and 11 through the Jupiter system.  He studied Physics and Astronomy at the University of Wisconsin Madison where he obtained a Masters degree in Physics specialized in Gravitation and Spacetime, and the Theory of Quantum Fields.  He has been teaching Astronomy and Physics since 1994 for the community college system of Kentucky, The College of Charleston, Benedictine University and currently at Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  His focus has been to make his Astronomy classes hands on and Lab based.  Further interests include Gravitational Waves, and Exoplanets.  He currently serves on the committee of Two Year Colleges for the American Association of Physics Teachers and has connections with the Astronomy committee of the same organization.




Rick Burke, Secretary

Rick Burke moved to Sierra Vista from Northeast Ohio where he was a member of the Astronomy Club of Akron. He retired in 2011 after working for nearly 35 years as a software developer. He joined the ACA in 2011 shortly after he got interested astronomy, so as you can see he is a relative newcomer to the hobby. For visual observing/outreach he uses an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain on a Celestron CGEM mount. Rick does quite a bit of deep sky astrophotography and his favorite targets are galaxies. Shortly after moving to Sierra Vista and joining HAC, he started planning for a backyard roll-off roof observatory. This past autumn his Sierra Starshine Observatory saw first light with a pier-mounted Astro-Physics AP900GTO mount and a Tele Vue NP127is refractor.




Ted Forte, Treasurer

Ted Forte joined HAC in April of 2012 and currently serves as Treasurer, ALCOR and as list owner of both the Haclist and Hacbod Yahoo groups. A sitting member of the University South Foundation board of directors, Ted coordinates the volunteer operations at the Patterson Observatory and as a NASA volunteer serves as a Solar System Ambassador, a coordinator for the Night Sky Network and manager for the Space Place partnerships for both the club and the observatory. Ted is the chair of the Astronomical League’s Planetary Nebula Observing Program and is an A.L. Master Observer. He is a contributing editor of Sky & Telescope magazine and authors the monthly “Backyard Astronomer” column for the Sierra Vista Herald. He is a former president and lifetime member of the Back Bay Amateur Astronomers of Southeastern Virginia and is a devoted deep sky observer. He observes from his backyard observatory with a 30-inch Dobsonian telescope.




Bob Gent, Past President

Robert L. Gent is a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel and space systems officer.  Currently, he is a member of the board and the past president of the Huachuca Astronomy Club of Southeastern Arizona.  He is also the past president of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).  IDA has nearly 5,000 members from 70 countries dedicated to preservation of our night skies.  From 2002 to 2006, he served as president of the Astronomical League, a nonprofit federation of nearly 300 astronomical societies and over 16,000  members.  Nearly two decades before the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, he performed research using a network of USAF 24-inch infrared space telescopes in geosynchronous earth orbits.  Over the years, he taught astronomy and mathematics at evening classes at colleges and universities.   For eight years, he ran the National Young Astronomer Award for the Astronomical League.  In 2005, he moved to Sierra Vista, and in 2010, he completed construction of his backyard astronomical observatory.  In his spare time, he also serves as a volunteer staff astronomer for Arizona State Parks.   At their 2000 annual awards ceremony, the IDA president announced that minor planet "1986 RG3" was renamed "Bob Gent" by the International Astronomical Union. This award was given to him for his outstanding volunteer service protecting the nighttime environment and preserving our heritage of dark skies.  In 2015, he and his wife, Terrie, celebrate 45 years of marriage.  Terrie is a retired USAF JAG and a retired judge. 

Members at Large

Ken Duncan

Bert Kelher

Gary Grue

Ken Kirchner

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