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Cloud Cover
Overcast 90% covered 80% covered 70% covered 60% covered 50% covered 40% covered 30% covered 20% covered 10% covered Clear
>45 mph 29 to 45 mph 17 to 28 mph 12 to 16 mph 6 to 11 mph 0 to 5 mph

Infrared Satellite Image

Infrared satellite images indicate the temperature of cloud tops. The cooler the clouds, the brighter the color on the map. Since air temperature generally decreases with increasing altitude, the cooler (brighter) the clouds, the higher the clouds. Unlike the visible satellite image, infrared satellites work at night.

Water Vapor Satellite Image

Water Vapor Satellite Image

North American Mesoscale Model (NAM)

NAM Model 300 mB Plot (30,000 feet)

The best seeing often occurs when you're under a pink area of the plot.